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Ride a horse along the dunes, watch our wildlife or be adventurous and help feed the cheetahs under the guidance or our experienced guides. We strive to make your stay with us an unforgettable journey into life in the Kalahari. Numerous exciting activities were created to color your Kalahari experience.

Bagatelle is not limited to an over-night stop on the way to Sossusvlei…Bagatelle is an independent unique experience. Allow our guides to accompany you through a Kalahari experience and introduce you to unique local fauna and flora.

Experience an abundance of animals such as oryx antelopes, springboks, ostriches, eland, kudus, giraffes, meerkat families and much more. Join us on an unforgettable cheetah feeding experience or horse back riding while experiencing the peace of desert life. Join us on a Bushman guided tour to experience the culture of the Koi-San and learn about their ancient traditions and amazing tactics of survival as the first human inhabitants on earth.

Sundowner Nature Drive



The thrill of spotting wildlife amid magical red dunes, then a cool sundowner atop one.




Cheetah Excursion gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the fastest land animal on Earth. Shoot unforgettable photos of these gorgeous, graceful predatory cats. Our guides are happy to provide information about the rearing and history of our cheetahs. The Bagatelle Lodge, in collaboration with the CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund), is a recognized site for the conservation of this species. Our orphans Ralf, Etosha, Tuano and family are kept on a 12 hectare enclosure and are lovingly cared for by us.


Namibia is known for its fast predatory cats. We are committed to preserving these extraordinary creatures. Together with the CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund), we offer these cheetahs a safe haven on our reserve. Here you have the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with these animals. Experienced gamekeepers will take you through the sand dunes to our cheetahs and answer all your questions.

Horseback Safari



We have a variety of horses, which are suitable for children, beginners, but also advanced riders. Experience the silence of the Kalahari on our well-trained quarter horses (cowboy horses) accompanied by an experienced tour guide. On the back of a horse you see the landscape with completely different eyes and come much closer to the wildlife.

Combination Drive:

Sundowner Drive + Cheetah Excursion


Nature drive, Cheetah Excursion and Sundowner on the dune. First a safari through the reserve with a variety of game species such as giraffes, kudus, zebras, oryx, blue deer, eland antelopes and much more. Afterwards you will be in close contact with the fastest land animal on earth. During the Cheetah Excursion, you will learn everything about this fascinating predator and have the opportunity for great photo close-ups. Experience the breathtaking sunset on one of our highest dunes with refreshments and Namibian snacks, while enjoying the silence of the desert and an incredible view into the landscape.

Morning Bushman (San) Guided Walk



Take a morning walk with the indigenous people of the Kalahari. Walk with the Bushmen (San) to their demonstrational village and learn about the ancient traditions and secrets of their ancestors. Get to know their survival skills and keep the past alive with them. On the walk, you will be shown how to collect water in ostrich eggs, how to set traps, which plants are suitable for medicine or how to make a pearl and ostrich jewelry. A truly unforgettable experience. African culture to touch.

Morning Scenic Drive



A nature drive through the original landscape of our lodge with different game species such as giraffes, kudus, zebras, oryx, gnus and eland antelopes. The reserve has some of the highest dunes in the region and offers a fascinating view over a salt pan, characteristic of the Kalahari. In the valleys between the dunes there are beautiful, ancient acacia trees. The Kalahari is home to more than 150 bird species, many of which can also be found in our reserve. The popular meerkats families can also be watched with us, even though they are actually very shy.

Night Game Drive:


After dinner on an adventurous safari through the eerie atmosphere of the desert night. Watch nocturnal animals such as the Earth’s wolf, wild cats or owls in the moonlight.

Star Safari from Observatory



View the spectacular southern hemisphere sky from our observatory with a state-of-the-art computer-controlled telescope. Our local astronomer will show you the planets of our solar system, the moon, star clusters and distant galaxies and will be happy to tell you details. In this part of the world, the air is particularly clear, allowing a breathtaking view of the night sky.

Kalahari Spa



Sit back and let us spoil you:


  • Kalahari Calabash Sole Survival (foot and lower leg)
  • Kalahari Tsamma Hand Ritual (arms, hands and nails)
  • Kalahari Khoi-Khoi Escape (back and neck)
  • Kalahari Desert Glow Peeling
  • Kalahari Rolling Sands Massage


In addition, we also offer individual tailor-made experiences and in the future helicopter flights over the desert. Need more information about our excursions and adventures? No problem, contact us. Our friendly staff is looking forward to seeing you.



Directions: Turn about 50km from Mariental on the C20 onto the D1268 district road. From Windhoek about 270km on the B1 main road to the south, then turn onto the C20 just before Mariental, and from there onto the D1268 district road. Our GPS coordinates are: 24 18 ‘ 031 “South 18 ° 01 ‘ 970” East

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